Cultural Analysis

The goal of cultural analysis is to understand human behaviors and how those behaviors are displayed, be it through language, customs, or food. The analyst attempts to see everyday rituals through new eyes to see the meaning behind them. For instance, why do people from New York cross the street in the middle of the road while Germans will only cross at the intersection?

During the course of my graduate program at the University of Copenhagen, I learned to use the following ethnographic tools to collect data from various study participants:

  • Game play
  • Participant observation
  • Field mapping
  • Interviews & transcription
  • Field notes coding


Below are a few of the reports I produced from my fieldwork.

Food vs. Culture

A research study done in collaboration with Københavns Kommune and the Kødenhavn Madhus to assess the effects of a proposed change in the menus offered at public sport centers. A PDF is available for download here.


An analysis of Danish law enforcement's efforts to close the open cannabis market of Copenhagen's Freetown Christiania. A PDF is available for download here.

The Spinster

An analysis of pop culture to demonstrate how a single childless woman is viewed in the modern world. A PDF is available for download here.