For some people,

the path to professional fulfillment is straight and direct. Fortunately, my path has been much more interesting. Diverse areas of expertise, studies and trainings coupled with my personal experience in multiple countries and fields make me the strong, innovative and solution - driven person I am today

I have worked as a social worker for homeless families, production coordinator for MTV Networks , transcriber for the gaming company, IO Interactive , and now office manager for the industrial tech company, ProGlove . While this list appears to be a number of dissimilar roles, the threads of communication and analysis tie them all together. The ability to interview and assist a marginalized population was also used to negotiate with vendors, and address the needs of a quickly changing workforce in the time of a global epidemic.

At the University of Copenhagen, I was able to use my experience in project management and research to acquire a MA of Applied Cultural Analysis from the Department of Ethnology and design user research studies for several corporate clients.

My career has been filled with surprising twists and turns, and I am grateful for each one. Because I traveled the uncommon road, I understand users from around the globe. I can clearly convey my insights to various stakeholders, which serves me well, wherever the road brings me.

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